Challenge Classes

Small group efforts can make a world of difference in your progress.
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Cross Challenge – Level 2

Weakness will no longer be a word in your vocabulary when you accept the “challenge” and train your way to the next level of fitness. Your mind will be “challenged” to focus as your body is conditioned to meet the demands of strength, endurance, and interval training. The training technique will force you to cross the line of “I won’t” and break through the barrier of “I can’t”. A body will never change without challenge so take yourself to the next level with Cross Challenge.  2 x week = $80/month     *3 x week = $100/month


Maximum Output Cross Training: Using basic fundamental fitness principles, In Mo Cross Training will challenge a person’s strength, stamina, adaptability and desire to push to their maximum potential. Cross Fitness specializes in not specializing in anything in a short period of time. With personal assistance from our experienced trainers progressive workouts will be given and recorded.  3 x week = $100/month

SuperHit (Super High Intensity Training)

Its back. It’s better than ever! It’s time efficient and incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio in the same workout! Strength exercises are combined with endurance/aerobic exercises, to incorporate the benefits of both a cardiovascular and strength training workout. Break out of your old routine and GET THE RESULTS you are looking for. Gain muscle, increase metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance while you lose fat!  2 x week = $80/month

Triple Shot

Interval training with a shot of CrossFit. 30 min. class.