Personal Fitness Classes

These monthly, ongoing classes will give you the visible results you’ve always wanted PLUS the benefits of SUPERB PERSONAL TRAINING for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy our team approach philosophy, camaraderie and accountability as you gain knowledge; lose weight, inches and body fat!

Challenge Classes

Cross Challenge

Level 2. Weakness will no longer be a word in your vocabulary when you accept the “challenge” and train your way to the next level of fitness. Your mind will be “challenged” to focus as your body is conditioned to meet the demands of strength, endurance, and interval training. The training technique will force you to cross the line of “I won’t” and break through the barrier of “I can’t”. A body will never change without challenge so take yourself to the next level with Cross Challenge.

Krush It With Katie

Maximize your muscle growth, lower your body fat, boost your metabolism and create more lean muscle.

SuperHit (Super High Intensity Training)

Its back. It’s better than ever! It’s time efficient and incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio in the same workout! Strength exercises are combined with endurance/aerobic exercises, to incorporate the benefits of both a cardiovascular and strength training workout. Break out of your old routine and GET THE RESULTS you are looking for. Gain muscle, increase metabolism, increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance while you lose fat!

Triple Shot

Interval training with a shot of CrossFit. 30 min. class

Wellness Challenge

Beginner Level Group Training Class

Designed for wellness group members who are ready for a change but have more limitations such as Joint Replacements and Balance Issues.

Advanced Level Group Training Class

A more advanced personal training class that will push your physical limitations. Both Classes will incorporate new exercises, a varied exercise program, balance & agility training, strength training & cardiovascular training.

In Mo CrossFit: Creating Functional Fitness For Life


CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. The aim of which is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. IMF is fortunate to have 8 CrossFit level One Certified Trainers. Each trainer brings a unique dimension (and programing) to the classes he/she teaches, while following the basic Cross Fit guidelines. You are welcome to visit any CrossFit class to determine which best fits your style and schedule. Unlimited CrossFit clients can rotate within the classes signified by the black boxes with red font or the white boxes with the black font. To ensure proper form, training, safety and initial comfort for all attendees it is highly recommended that participants complete a 101 class or one-on-one sessions with a CrossFit Level One Certified Trainer.

For more info, please contact Ryan at 530.343.5678 ext. 123

On-Ramp Personal Training

Three personal training sessions for the basic CrossFit movements.

Open Gym

Come in and work out with your trainers or take this opportunity to get coaching in a non-group class environment. It is a chance to work on specific skills or to get an extra workout.

Specialty Programs

OCR Training

Emphasis on skill and stamina needed to perform in a Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. Gradual progression to prepare for the event.


At Chico Taekwondo Academy we share with our students all the values that this Martial Art has to offer. We teach them how to be confident but humble, powerful but easy going, skillful, but a peacemaker.

Youth Programs

Kids Cross Training

A strength-and-conditioning program that is specially designed for kids and teenagers and their specific developmental needs and helps them to develop a lifelong love of fitness. In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well-rounded athletes. Ages 8-12

Teen Cross Training

A strength and conditioning program designed for 13-18 years old athletes and non-athletes alike. The program combines age-appropriate weightlifting and gymnastics with high intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance, as well as establish a lifetime love of fitness. Proper weightlifting techniques are taught, under the watchful eye of our CrossFit certified trainers, to enhance strength and power, while also focusing on basic gymnastics to increase agility, mobility and flexibility.

Teen Weightlifting

Safe, fun and its benefits are many (ages 13-18). It has no equal for developing speed, flexibility, coordination, force, power and total body strength muscle. Whether your child is interested in excelling their performance in sports, increasing their fitness or competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, then this program is for them!

Taekwondo For Kids

It’s not about teaching them how to fight! It’s about discipline, values, self-esteem, confidence, focus and concentration. At Chico Taekwondo Academy we share with our students all the values that this Martial Art has to offer.



*2x per week 1/2 hour: $40/month
*3x per week 1/2 hour: $50/month
2x per week 1 hour: $80/month
3x per week 1 hour: $100/month*
SuperHIT available in unlimited pricing
Open Gym: Included in class fee, otherwise $25/month
OCR Training: $100/month
Wellness Challenge: $50/month when Paired with Senior Wellness Program
Taekwando for Kids and Adults:
$75/month for 1 Family Member
$120/month for 2 Family Members
$150/month for 3 Family Members
+$35/month for additional Family Members


*3x per week 1/2 hour: $50/month (Mon, Wed, Fri)
2x per week 1 hour: $80/month
$100/month: Unlimited
• Unlimited Red coded classes can attend any Red coded classes on the schedule for $100
• Unlimited Black coded classes can attend any Black coded classes on the schedule for $100
• Red Unlimited can’t attend a Black Unlimited class without occurring an additional fee and vise versa
(The ability to switch from Black to Red coded classes is $129 a month)
Non-Member Fee: $29
Pre-requisite On-Ramp: $99/3 pack Personal Training

Youth Program

Teen Cross Training: $50 2x/week
Teen Weightlifting: $25 2x/week/month
Kids Cross Training:
$40/month for 2nd child
Taekwono for Kids:
$75/month for 1st Family Member
$120/month for 2 Family Members
$150/month for 3 Family Members
+$35/month for additional Family Members

Non-Member Fee: $29
Drop in fee: $15 (all classes)
*Pro-ration is not an option if you decide to attend 2x per week. Fee will be set at the 2x per week rate: $80/month
Late fee after the 10th of the month: $10
IMF Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program is the stress free way to pay your monthly fees as you continue on the NEVER ending road to Health and Fitness.

Need More Information?

Marie Phillips – 530.343.5678 ext 109
Ryan Flenner – 530.343.5678 ext 123