North Valley Swim School

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Year Round Lessons

North Valley Swim School offers year round lessons at In Motion Fitness. The water is always a warm 88-95 degrees. Clients may begin lessons at any time (space permitting). We have helped children as young as 6 months old and mature adults reach their swimming goals through lessons.

2024 Swim Season

Year Round Swim Lessons

Winter 3

January 8th - February 2nd

Spring 1

February 5th - March 1st

Spring 2

March 4th - April 15th (Closed. Power Session Only April 18th - 22nd)

Power Session Spring Break

April 18th - April 22nd

Spring 3 

April 8th - May 3rd

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Parent - Tot

It’s a life saver

Children and parents participate together in our Parent-Tot classes with a balance between fun and structure, participants attain the following skills:

  • Familiarity with water
  • Beginning breath control
  • Submersion and back-floating
  • Simple propulsion through the water

Private Instruction

Ages 6 months to adult

15 minutes of formal, intense instruction. Our most popular type of lesson. One-on-one instruction for a client’s optimal learning experience. Lessons are tailored to the client’s individual needs and swim level.


7 Students per group, 30 minutes

These swim classes help bridge the gap between swim lessons and swim teams. They provide exceptional coaching and aquatic drills. Your child can explore swimming as a sport, before or instead of, a competitive team. Have fun and learn life skills.

Power Sessions

A 20 minute, 5 day intensive swim lessons for ages 3 and up.

Dive Shop

Need a cap or goggles?

A great place to purchase swimming accessories!

Goggles, caps and swim diapers. Drop by the In Motion front desk.

Core Vendors

NVSS is a registered vendor for CORE Butte Charter School. NVSS offers classes throughout the day and evening to fit the needs of homeschooling families. Please contact NVSS for details.

Registration & Payments

Parent-Tot - Coming 2022 $96 (4 lessons)
IMFAST $96 (4 lessons)
Private Instruction (15 Minutes) $90 (4 lessons)
Power Sessions (Call for Information) $150 (5 lessons)

Roll-Over Program - Recommended

Ask the NVSS office for information about this program. When enrolled in the Roll-Over program, you receive priority registration. We make every attempt to schedule lessons based on the needs of the client.

Please see NVSS brochure for more details.

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