Aqua Mania

If you’re looking to get crazy and let all your worries go, then this is the class for you. You will keep moving and never stop. A moderate to vigorous aqua workout that includes cardiovascular, toning and stretching exercises for any ability level. This class incorporates a variety of equipment and uses every muscle in your body.

Aqua Revolution

Start something new with this Aqua class. This class is designed with every “body” in mind. Enjoy all the toys of the pool while staying fit. Learn to strengthen and stabilize the “core” to improve posture, balance and muscle tone. Beginners will love this class and so will the seasoned aquasizers.

H2O Dynamics

If you’re looking to change the way you feel about getting into the pool, then give this class a try. There’s no messing around when you jump in and start moving. It’s guaranteed to keep you coming back to see what’s next! This class includes a dynamic warm-up, cardio, strength training, abs and stretching. It includes deep water cardio, at members’ discretion.

H2O Burn

If you like to “feel the burn” when you work out, come give this class a try. Your muscles will be thanking you. Don’t be surprised when you want to keep coming back for more! Using the resistance of the water, you will be able to build muscle with little or no impact and have fabulous results.

Xtreme Plunge

This high energy class offers a combination of strength training and cardio endurance. Each class will utilize different toning, stretching, and sculpting activities using the water’s natural resistance or water resistance equipment. You’ll love the way you feel after this hour of work and play!

Water In Motion

One hour guided workout. Improve strokes and endurance. Must know freestyle and backstroke, 14 years and up.

Wet ‘n Wild

Are you tired at the end of the day? Do you want to get moving and have some fun? This class will work your muscles and help you finish your day in the best possible way. Be prepared to “deepen” your pool experience.


Make some waves in this class! It’s all about making you move like you’ve never done before. From intervals to strength training, this class is sure to move you in the right direction! Make this cardiovascular & strength training class as easy or hard as you need it to be. Moves can be modified to meet your ability.

H2O Fusion

This class uses a mix of various equipment including belts, Aqua horses, noodles, buoys, bands and more. You’ll have to come see what’s in store for you each day. Good for all levels! H2O Fusion utilizes both deep and shallow water at members’ discretion. Classes will vary and keep you guessing!

Into Deep

Deep Water Aqua class uses buoyant and resistant equipment to provide an excellent cardiovascular workout with zero impact! This class is very therapeutic to those recovering from injuries, and also complimentary to high impact training. Participants should be comfortable in deep water, but all moves convert easily to shallow water.

Sunrise Splash

Jump start your week with a high energy cardio and toning workout. This class incorporates various types of Aqua equipment to help tone and wake up to a new you! All levels welcome!

Weekend Aqua Splash

Come check out all we have to offer. Saturday is designed to mix it up. Each weekend a different instructor will guide you through a workout guaranteed to get your weekend moving in the right direction.

Family Swim

These times are when lifeguards are on deck and you are able to swim with your child. If your child is over 7 years old, you may workout while your child is swimming. Adults must remain in the facility. Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All children under 14 years old must be walked through the locker room by an adult. NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY during the fall and winter schedules.

Lap Swimming

State-of-the-art competition pool, 8 lanes, 25 yards. Deck level gutter system designed for speed. The waves simply spill over the sides of the lap pool rather than bouncing back into the pool. Lap swimming is open to members 14 yrs and older during pool hours. Please follow lap swimming etiquette. Three lanes are always open for lap swimmers (east lanes 6, 7 & 8). Lanes may be used by more than one swimmer at a time. There are two additional lanes available in the Aquatic Pool during times when other programs are not being offered. This pool is a shorter distance and kept at a warmer temperature.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

  • If a lane is open, you may jump into that lane.
  • When all the lanes have at least one swimmer, select the lane with the person swimming approximately your speed. Notify swimmer before jumping into that lane that you would like to share the lane.
  • With two (2) swimmers in one lane, the swimmers may opt to keep to one side or circle swim (swim counterclockwise). Keep to the right at all times when circle swimming.
  • With two or more swimmers per lane, it is recommended to circle swim.
  • If a swimmer behind you looks as though she or he may overtake you on the next lap, stop and wait at the wall for the swimmer to pass you.
  • The lap pool is for lap swimming. It is not a pool to play in.
  • Lap swimmers must be 14 years or older.

Swimming Lessons

In Motion Fitness has their own swim school, North Valley Swim School. We have swim lessons for all ages and all levels. Our school specializes in parent/tot lessons. We offer swim lessons year round and is the only accredited swim school in Northern California. For more info or to schedule swim lessons call 345-6707.

Quiet Adult Only Water Walking & Swim

Aquatic Pool is for Adults only to walk or swim quietly without the splashing and craziness of children. No children allowed in Aquatics Pool. Aqua vest available.

Chico Masters

Designed for the swimming enthusiasts of all levels of fitness and ability. Technical Stroke instruction and supervised workouts are given to swimmers of all ability levels whether swimming for fitness or to compete at the regional to national level. Must be 19 years old. (Additional Fee)

Chico AquaJets Swim Team

The Chico AquaJets is a year round swim team run by the Chico Area Swim Association, a non-profit organization under sanction of USA SWIMMING, Inc. Requirements for participation are minimal: swimmers must be at least five years old and be able to complete 25 yards freestyle, one lap of the pool. (Additional Fee)


MiniJets is a fun year round program for swimmers age three to eight years old. Great way to prepare for the AquaJets. (Additional Fee)

Aquatic Resort Features

  • 8 Lane, Waveless Competitive Lap Pool (25 yds) 80° – 82°
  • Aquatic Pool (Aqua exercise pool & more) 86°
  • North Valley Swim School Pool (swim lessons) 93°
  • Resort Pool (family swim) not heated
  • Specialty Pool (swim lesson pool & more) 91°
  • Two spas (to suit everyone’s needs) 99° & 103°
  • Splash Park (only open during summer)

Other Special Programs

  • North Valley Swim School
  • Swim lessons for all ages
  • Chico Masters
  • Chico Aquajets (swim team)
  • Adult Improvement Classes
  • Stroke Analysis Training
  • Aquatic Personal Training
  • Birthday Parties for Kids!
  • Super Senior Friendly Class

Year round swim lessons being offered! Check NVSS brochure for dates or call 530.345.6707.


Shower before entering the pools and no changing of children on deck. Please observe all Pool & Spa rules, Lap Swimming Etiquette and Children Policies. Thank you, IMF