Classes labeled Aqua or indicated as taking place at the pool; include a variety of aqua classes, styles and techniques that are based upon the instructor’s specialty. Each class may include the use of equipment for a moderate to vigorous workout including cardiovascular, toning and stretching exercises. Using the resistance of the water and pool equipment can increase your heart rate while working almost every muscle group and are low to no impact. Every exercise can be modi ed to t the needs of any individual. These classes welcome all ability levels. See separate aqua schedule for detailed descriptions.

Group Exercise Classes


This fusion-style class offers a fun, invigorating workout without the use of equipment or props. The goal is to leave members lengthened, strengthened and energized with simple movement patterns that build core control, coordination and confidence. (All)

Butts & Guts

This 30 minute class is an intense abdominal and lower body workout. (All)

Cardio Kick & Strength

This hour-long class, sometimes team taught combines kickboxing, cardio endurance, and strength intervals to get the heart pumping and the brain working! This mind-body connection provides a holistic approach to fitness showing modifications to challenge different fitness levels. (All)


This half hour class is the newest segment, following Killer Kardio & Kore and Weigh Hard to where we focus on those hard to define areas after Cardio and Strength. Come to class prepared to peal through those layers by incorporating free weights and Dynabands to sculpt and shape your body. This class is followed by Flow & Flexibility. (All)

Executive Hi/Lo

This 50 minute class is the perfect lunch time workout that provides a combination of high and low impact aerobics intervals in a fun and un-intimidating atmosphere. (All)

Flow & Flexibility

This “Zenful” yoga based class combines mindful breathing that is synchronized with a powerful flow sequence that in 30 minutes efficiently addresses 5 levels of fitness: cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance. By focusing on using the breath in combination with movement; members can ease out the stresses of the week. This class can be used as a compliment with other classes or alone; regardless you’ll leave class feeling powerful and energized! (All)

Forever Fit

This senior class will keep you moving with step, low impact aerobics, stretching and strengthening work. (All) HIIT the Spot: A total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This Interval-based class combines full-body strength & resistance training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your athletic performance and leave you feeling satisfied. (All)

In Mo Dance Fusion

This dance class is blend of dance specialties to allow a larger variety of dance instructors and formats for members to enjoy, such as Zumba, UJam, Power Jam, Aerobic Dance and much more. (All)

Killer Kardio & Kore

If you can’t live without your cardio workout and are pressed for time, then this class is just for you! This high intensity class will push your body’s peddle to the metal to get you driving your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems to their peak capacity! This class begins with a thorough warm up, followed by a variety of interval, Tabata and endurance drills sprinkled with dynamic core sequences for a “Krazy start to your morning! This class is intended for individuals without injuries or limitations. (Int/Adv)

Lean & Mean

A combination of resistance training and high intensity cardio intervals are used to stoke up your metabolic fire and increase lean body mass. Intended to make your lip curl, sweat drip, and force your body to change. (All)

Mat Pilates

This class is designed to teach the basic principles of Pilates using mat exercises. You will learn how to use breath to facilitate movement and to activate the deep “corset” muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis. This mind-body class trains the whole body simultaneously to build a strong, long, lean, and flexible muscles as well as coordination & balance. (All)

Power Jam™

Combines familiar, popular, world music with clear athletically charged dance routines to suit all levels. You will forget that you are burning MORE calories and building lean muscle mass. (All)

Restorative Chair Yoga+

Learn and gain the benefits of yoga in a safe, gentle program without getting down on to the floor. Restorative Chair Yoga+ is a gentle yoga class that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Designed for those with injuries, back or chronic pain, excess weight, and health issues that make attending a standard yoga class challenging. Focus is placed on gently increasing flexibility, range of motion, and core strength as well as breathing techniques and meditation that relieve stress and create an overall sense of peace and well-being. (All)

Restorative Chair Yoga

Learn and gain the benefits of yoga in a safe, gentle program without getting down on to the floor. Restorative Chair Yoga+ is a gentle yoga class that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Designed for those with injuries, back or chronic pain, excess weight, and health issues that make attending a standard yoga class challenging. Focus is placed on gently increasing flexibility, range of motion, and core strength as well as breathing techniques and meditation that relieve stress and create an overall sense of peace and well-being. (All)

Sit & B Fit (Chair & Props)

Have fun and move to the music in this gentle class exploring a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support. (All)

Start on Step (Beginner Level)

Finally a beginner step class for those who’ve never stepped, haven’t taken step class for a while or who prefer a slower paced class with basic choreography. Members will learn the basic step moves and terminology. This class will also provide members with a great workout while laying the foundation for those who want to progress to intermediate step classes. All levels welcome! (All)


A great 45 minute cardio workout that not only challenges the cardiovascular system, but also engages the mind for an all around, calorie burning class that keep you coming back for more! This class is considered intermediate to advance and not appropriate for beginners. Members should have previous step experience to avoid frustration and risk of injury. (Int/Adv)

Strong Pump

A revolutionary new way to strength train. Using adjustable barbell weights, this class will improve overall strength and shape you from head to toe. (All)

The Challenge

An intense hour-long class, which utilizes interval training to strengthen heart and lungs, improve endurance and agility; build confidence and focus, high calorie burn during and after class. The Challenge uses both the floor and a bench in a high-fast-paced format to constantly challenge all fitness levels. (Int/Adv)

The Next Step

The next level of step for those who enjoy creative, more complex step choreography. A creative workout for the mind as well as the body! (Int/Adv)

Total Body Toy Box

Banish workout boredom in this unique interval training class!!!! A variety of equipment is used to jumpstart your metabolism & help you build cardiovascular health, strength, core, balance, focus & more! Experience using bosus, balls, weights, steps, discs, etc for a great & energizing total body workout! (All)

Weigh Hard!

This class incorporates a number of tried and true body weight exercises to create a unique workout that is sure to improve your muscular strength and endurance. All you need is your body and a towel! (Int. /Adv.) Weigh Harder! This 60 minute class efficiently fuses Killer Kardio intervals, Weigh Hard (total body / conditioning) and core exercises. Be prepared to feel muscles you never knew you had the very next day! (Int/Adv)


Combines Latin and international music with dynamic, yet simple exercise/dance moves using an intermittent training format. Zumba motivates the body to incorporate full range of motion, and improve the cardiovascular system. Even those with two left feet are successful because of the natural flow of the simple steps that radiate though the body in synch with the music. (All)

Indoor Cycling Classes

Cardio Cycle

Tempo Cycling is an unforgettable experience combining motivational music and creative coaching. Let your journey begin and enjoy the experience of indoor biking. (All)

Cycling Beginning-Intermediate

Effective January 15-March 26, 2017. Experience the fundamentals of indoor cycling. Special attention to proper bike set up, riding technique, pedal stroke and cadence will enhance each session. Music is specially chosen to create an authentic mind/body experience. Students will improve their cardiovascular endurance, learn mental imagery techniques and have fun riding in a safe and supportive environment.

“Hard Core” Cycling

Learn to be a core-powered machine while cycling in this fun-filled, energetic, sweat-drenching interval training class with emphasis on your core, breathing and alignment. This class is followed up with a short effective no nonsense approach to training deep abdominals & other core muscles- to shore up your core. (All)

HIIT The Road

with endurance cyclist Marie Phillips. With more than a dozen years of century rides under her saddle she will take you on intense mountain climbing rides that will include a few flats, some plateaus, rollers, switch backs and yes even some down hills You will alternate between very intense bouts of exercise and low intensity exercise. The benefits of HIIT is far superior to “steady state” training (low intensity long duration). At a higher intensity you are burning more fat. As an added bonus, there’s also an after- burn effect known as EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption). You increase your metabolism and burn more calories for up to 24 hours after interval training. Come when you can and leave when you have to. Are you ready for the Wild Flower, Shasta Century, Death Ride, Crater Lake Century? Let’s HIIT the road. (All)

Interval Ride

For riders looking to develop their cardio endurance or train for a race. A fun and challenging class where riders can expect hills, sprints and intervals to the beat of motivating music and focused cues. (All)

Power Cycling

Is an incredible heart-pumping workout. During this class you’ll climb and sprint with a focus on effective interval training to maximize both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. No matter your fitness goal, whether it is body mass index improvement, endurance, strength or stress-release, this class is for you! (All)

Power Ride

A 55-minute indoor cycling class set to exciting music tracks and choreographed to ensure an excellent workout that improves physical and mental athleticism. Focus is on performance, teamwork and dedication to meeting a common goal. Come prepared to work hard, push yourself and have fun in this challenging indoor cycling class. (Int/Adv)

Sunrise Cycle

This intense cycling journey begins with cycling exercise that establish the proper technique and pace to maximize your workout and thereby creating an advanced cycling routine through intervals of flat rides, cardio climbs sprints, jumps, and mega hills. (Int/Adv)

The Ultimate Ride

Step outside your comfort zone and increase your strength and endurance all in once class. A multi-level workout is taught on stationary bikes training to music. This class will climb to new highs and utilize interval work to create a challenge workout. (All)


Classes labeled “Yoga” include a variety of yoga levels, styles and techniques that are based upon the Instructor’s yoga background and training. Each class includes instruction in breathing techniques, asanas (yoga postures), and relaxation. Depending on the Instructor’s intention for the class, these classes may include owing movements, prolonged holding of postures to increase strength and/or exibility, breathing techniques and breath awareness, meditation practices and centering, and relaxation. Instructors may also use yoga props including straps, blocks, blankets, and sandbags to assist in facilitating correct postural alignment and body awareness. See Yoga scheduled for detailed descriptions.