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Ages: 6 months and older
Details: 15 minutes of formal, intense instruction


Our most popular lesson offered. One-on-one instruction for a child’s or adult’s optimal learning experience.


Parent-Tot Classes


Ages: 6 months to 2 ½ years
Details: 4 Parent-Tot participants, 30 minutes


Children and Parent participate together in our Parent-Tot classes with a balance between fun and structure, participants attain the following skills:

  • Familiarity with water
  • Beginning breath control
  • Submersions and back floating
  • Simple propulsions through the water
  • Self life saving techniques

*Water in Motion Class Tuesday and Thursday at 9-10am and Saturday 9:30-10:30am all free to members. (We do not offer Water In Motion between May 30th-Aug 30th.)




Ages: 4 years to 18 years

Details: 6 students per group, 30 minutes


These swim clubs help “bridge the gap” between Swim Lessons and Competitive Teams. They provide exceptional coaching and water play, so your child can explore swimming as a sport, before or instead of a competitive team. Have fun & learn life skills.


Pool and Office Hours:


Summertime Hours (May 1st to September 30th)

M-Th 9am-7pm F 9am-4pm


Non-Summertime Hours (Oct 1st to Apr 30th)

M-Th 9am-7pm No lessons in the specialty pool from 12-1pm


Office Hours


Mon-Thurs Until 6pm